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Inspire Sleep Pros and Cons


As we explore more about obstructive sleep apnea, scientists and medical researchers are working hard night and day to develop effective therapy alternatives to tackle this.

Sleep disorders are also, in a word, exhausting – both for subjects and their households. Continuous positive airway pressure, or CPAP, is among the most frequent treatment choices available in the industry.

While CPAP is a highly effective treatment for sleep apnea, it is not for everybody. Fortunately, there are a couple of viable choices. An excellent example is the sleep apnea implant developed by Inspire Medical Systems.

We respect Inspire Sleep because of progress in this area. It’s a very original implanted device to assist people to breathe while asleep.

It became the world’s earliest FDA-approved implant to treat sleep apnea in 2014 and has since been applied in over 100 top-notch medical facilities across the USA and Europe.

How does the procedure work, and how successful can it be?

How Can Inspire Sleep Apnea Treatment Function?

During sleep, the muscles and soft tissues at the back of the throat may unwind and obstruct the airway, frequently leading to loud snoring and airway blockages. Whenever these airway blockages repeatedly occur through sleep, patients regularly wake up to breathe correctly.

Constant awakening during sleep may lead to daytime sleepiness, brain and cardiovascular health problems.

Inspire treatment treats obstructive sleep apnea by providing mild stimulation to the nerve that controls the tongue, keeping the muscles from sagging.

The Inspire system is designed to sync with all the natural breathing in the human body to supply mild stimulation.

The Inspire mechanism stimulates the hypoglossal nerve, causing the throat and other related muscles to move and open the airway up again, letting you breathe (and sleep) in calmness. The device then tracks your breathing patterns throughout the night, and adjusting stimulation is vital to attain the best outcomes.

Compared to these masks and mazes of wires and tubes connected with the CPAP apparatus, Inspire treatment involves two principal components: implant and remote management. The implant itself contains three parts: 2 lead lines and a small generator, which cannot be any more significant than a typical pacemaker.

Throughout the implanting procedure, the unit is inserted beneath the skin up around the throat and upper torso area in an outpatient operation with a general anesthetic.

Ordinarily, you can go home and resume mild daily activity along with your regular daily diet of the process, even though it sometimes causes overnight tracking to ensure retrieval and performance of the device.

Click on the remote before bed to turn on the device, and yet another click turns it off again once you awake in the daytime. When it turns out, you might feel a short, minor tingling sensation or slight involuntary motion on your throat or tongue — that is an average effect of the device consumption and shouldn’t be painful or too embarrassing.

Who qualifies for Inspire treatment?

The very first step in therapy for sleep apnea is CPAP treatment. The CPAP system takes the air out of the space, then promotes the strain with the support of the machine. The apparatus then humidifies the air that blows to the nose or mouth of the individual using a hose and then a face mask.

Inspire treatment is an invention for individuals that cannot endure or get consistent benefits from CPAP. For second-line therapy, patients need to first fail on CPAP before sleep physicians consider them for Inspire. Sleep doctors might dictate another sleep study when the person who qualified them for CPAP is too elderly.

A concluding sleep evaluation will be conducted following the first two or three months once the sleep doctor fine-tunes the gadget. Then the individual is free to utilize Inspire through the night, every night.

The new long-term research results showed the improvements found in 1 year were continued in the follow-up mark.

A 78% decrease in apnea-hypopnea index (AHI) in the baseline.

An 80% decrease in oxygen desaturation events in the baseline.

Eighty percent of mattress partners reported no or soft snoring, compared to 17 percent of bed partners.

Quality of life measures, such as daytime sleepiness and working, showed clinically significant improvements and a return to normal levels.

The results were written in Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery’s Internet issue, the official peer-reviewed report of the American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery Foundation.

inspire sleep apnea reviews

Inspire Sleep Pros and Cons

Like any medicinal therapy, when determining whether Inspire method is ideal for you, you need to acknowledge several advantages and drawbacks before making an ultimate option.


Unobtrusive. The Inspire sleep apnea device will not interfere with your day-to-day tasks, and you won’t have to adjust your diet. However, if your lifestyle entails heavy lifting or other intensive training, then you’ll need additional evaluation to find out whether the implant is the very best therapy choice. And since the only “gear” it includes is a handheld remote, it also takes up much less space in your cabinet or your bag than a typical CPAP apparatus.

Low maintenance. Physicians usually recommend routine checkups only after every six weeks, and also the battery lifetime of the implanted generator continues approximately eight decades. There are no strings to untangle or capsules to wash every evening. Just continue the remote where it is easy to find and unreachable for kids and pets.

Simple to control. The Inspire apparatus requests a minimum attempt to use it every day. For example, press a button to turn it on at night or off in the morning.

This makes managing the device anywhere easy – at home or while you are driving. Unfortunately, this causes the implant a great deal more usable for people with physical or mental injuries, restricting their capacity to function in larger, more intricate machinery.

Demonstrated effectiveness. Various studies have proven a 78% decrease in apnea-related occasions per hour during the night in patients utilizing the Inspire implant and a 76% decrease in snoring mentioned by individuals’ bed spouses.

Those for whom treatment has resulted in useful also report better overall quality of living.


Invasive. Unlike most other apnea therapy choices, the Inspire sleep apnea device is an implant, which means it will need an invasive surgical operation. Some low-level discomfort was connected with the procedure, and, like any invasive method, there’s a slight risk of the virus. However, the process is minimally intrusive on the flip side, taking only three tiny incisions and just a single overnight stay in the clinic.

Batteries are not rechargeable. While the implanted generator’s battery life is remarkable, the batteries are not rechargeable, meaning the generator will have to be changed if the batteries run low.

Restricted MRI support. Earlier variants of this Inspire implant conflicted with all the magnetic fields of MRI checks because of the higher risk of harming both the device and the tissue circling it. On the other hand, the most recent models comprise conditional MRI tagging, which will give patients secure access to MRI scans.

Inspire sleep cost. Even though CPAP systems and analogous machines can operate anywhere from $1500-$3500, the Inspire Sleep apnea implant costs only $20000, not including the price of this operation.

Fortunately, over 140 private insurance firms today provide coverage for implants, and Medicare has also supplied a range according to therapeutic necessity.

Better Breathing for Better Sleep

If you or your loved ones suffer from sleep apnea, it is vital to seek therapeutic attention earlier rather than later. Untreated obstructive sleep apnea can perform more than rob you and your loved ones of a good night’s relaxation.

While we consider CPAP machines the conventional go-to remedy for sleep apnea, the best treatment choices will be for people who may be tailored to your unique requirements and worries. And if you realize that the standard CPAP procedure doesn’t work for you, you can breathe easily, recognizing there’s an inspired alternative.

If you are dealing with loud snoring or waking in the middle of the night gasping for breath, then a home sleep test is a convenient and straightforward approach to find out if it may be sleep apnea.


Thus, it’s correct that inspire sleep therapy is exclusively meant to treat obstructive sleep apnea. We firmly prescribe it for moderate to severe obstructive apnea people who do not get any CPAP treatment effects. From time to time, we also imply that individuals have a fundamental sleep issue. A person has to analyze both the pros and cons while planning to inspire sleep treatment.

Summary of Benefits

  • Inspire Gadget Is Simple to Use.
  • Safety Procedure.
  • No more CPAP! Users Prefer to Inspire Sleep over CPAP.
  • Requires Less Time for the Fitting of this Bundle.
  • Easy Maintenance.

Summary of Disadvantages

  • Restricted MRI Support.
  • The Inspire gadget needs an obstructive therapeutic operation.
  • Inspire Sleep apnea cost.
  • Batteries aren’t rechargeable.
  • Health Issues in the Long Term.

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