Trump vs. Biden: Which Is the Better Presidency for America?

Trump and Biden both have their fair share of pros and cons, stemming from either policy or personality, that could affect the United States for better or worse. Below, I’ve highlighted these differences, so you can decide which candidate is more beneficial to America’s future.

Given the inevitability of America’s next president, both Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden are hot topics of the day. But whose presidency would be better for the US? We aren’t fortune-tellers, but that doesn’t mean we can’t reason this out and see who would fare better as the next POTUS.

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Pros And Cons Of Having Donald Trump As President

The media firestorm Trump has created isn’t just monitored by Americans, but by people all over the globe. As we know, most of Trump’s soundbites rocket around the Internet at a breakneck pace (thanks blogosphere).

When Donald Trump first announced his candidacy, he was considered being a joke, however, he quickly gained traction thanks to his ability to gain media coverage by saying controversial things.

Some think he is unqualified because of his lack of political experience, while others feel as though it is a strong leadership figure who will pursue business-minded policies and strengthen the U.S. economy.

Trump has stirred strong reactions from people with his brash political style. Many people love him for his no-nonsense attitude and outspoken nature. However, he’s also gained a lot of criticism due to his statements that many have considered racist or bigoted.

With Trump as a prominent figure, it’s tough to decide where you stand on him as well as the issues he brings up regarding immigration, jobs, and trade.

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So with that said, here are the pros and cons of Donald J. Trump.

Pro: Trump is an incredibly intelligent and strategic thinker, capable of playing the long game for maximum impact.

In our experience, he’s brilliant at sizing up an opponent and finding his weak point, always with a calculation of how best to use that weakness to his advantage.

Trump’s long-term thinking is far more sophisticated than most people realize. Most people think in the short-term, and even when they are thinking long-term, it’s not that far out — maybe a few years.

But Trump thinks decades ahead of time — sometimes even half a century or more. He has done this all his life.

As a real estate developer in Manhattan in 1970s, Trump was buying up properties like the old Commodore Hotel (now the Grand Hyatt), renovating them, and vastly increasing their values. It was a tremendous return on investment — more than half a billion dollars — over four decades later.

It’s this ability that has allowed him to go from being a reality TV star to being the most powerful man in the world.

He speaks directly to people without using poll-tested campaign jargon. His language is clear and understandable. He never uses words like “whilst” or “demean.”

People understand what Trump means when he says things like: “We’re going to build a wall.” They don’t need a political scientist or constitutional law professor to explain it to them.

Con: His decisions are often driven more by ego and revenge than by strategy. He’s willing to fire anyone who disagrees with him (and someone might be so offended they sabotage his policies).

Trump’s major decisions are driven more by feelings than reason.

This is all part of the Trump syndrome: he is erratic and impulsive. He is frequently surprised by events. He doesn’t seem to learn from his mistakes.

This is particularly true when it comes to Trump’s penchant for delivering stinging insults. He rarely bothers to explain why he’s doing something — just that he is and what he’ll do if you don’t like it.

Here’s a long list:

  • insults directed at women,
  • Muslims and other groups;
  • consorting with criminals;
  • denying climate change;
  • proposing policies that would hurt working people.

It all adds up to one thing: Trump is seen as someone who isn’t concerned about social issues that affect people on the bottom — or at least doesn’t care enough to act on them.

President Donald Trump’s tweets have been called the “most powerful messages in American politics,” and he has used them to attack both friends and foes.

He has an extremely short attention span and an inability to focus on details. He is not a “details person.”

Trump is not really interested in learning, reading, or listening to other people’s opinions — especially if they contradict his own.

He lacks empathy, compassion, and kindness. He cannot put himself in other people’s shoes and understand how they might feel.

Many of his actions seem shallow and self-serving rather than thoughtful or sincere.

He can be very vindictive toward anyone who crosses him in any way, even if it was unintentional (such as a news reporter who says something negative about him).

Trump can’t handle criticism. This led to him making impulsive decisions, like firing FBI Director James Comey just because Comey was investigating him.

Trump’s obsession with getting even with anyone who offends him has been apparent throughout the campaign.

  • It was clear when he called in to CNN after the final Republican debate to complain about questions from Fox News moderator Megyn Kelly;
  • when he threatened to “spill the beans” on Ted Cruz’s wife after an anti-Trump group ran a negative advertisement featuring Trump’s wife;
  • when he pledged to use federal prosecutors against Hillary Clinton if he wins the presidency;
  • and when he suggested that we need to “open up” libel laws for people like himself who have been mistreated by news organizations.

Pro: His business experience means he can handle the economy far better than any politician.

The U.S. president is also the CEO of the federal government, and Trump is a successful businessman whose experience can be applied to many aspects of the job. As for economic policy, this experience is particularly important; it means that he will be able to handle the economy far better than any politician.

Politicians are beholden to special interests, whereas an experienced businessman has a strong incentive to work in the best interest of his business.

If this sounds familiar, it’s because the last successful businessman to become president was Ronald Reagan.

Trump is the most successful businessman to ever run for president. His candidacy has been a constant reminder of his business success, often in comparison with other candidates who have never run a business. Trump has built an empire in real estate, and his net worth has put him on the Forbes 400 list since 1982, peaking at $4 billion in 2015.trump pros and cons

On the other hand, politicians have no idea how to handle large amounts of money. They frequently spend far more than is necessary on projects or programs. They also have no idea how to manage a budget, which explains why the US federal government is trillions of dollars in debt.

Trump will be able to use his business experience to turn around the economy so that it will do much better than it is now.

Con: Trump Is A Bad Example For Kids.

One of the best things about being an American is that we can look up to our presidents as role models. They are who we want our children to grow up to be like. We want them to be strong and smart, but most importantly, we want them to be good people with leadership qualities. We want them to lead by example and treat others with respect.

Unfortunately, when it comes to Donald Trump being a role model, he fails miserably. He is the opposite of what you would want your children to grow up emulating.

As the Republican nominee for president, he has already re-tweeted posts from white supremacist organizations, retweeted an unflattering picture of his primary opponent’s wife and insulted the parents of a dead soldier. These are not qualities we want to pass on to our children.

This bullying behavior isn’t exactly surprising for Trump; it’s what he does best. He was a bully when he was a real estate mogul and businessman, he was a bully as a reality TV host, and he was simply being himself as president. However, there are few people who would want their children to act like Donald Trump.

He has been divorced three times. He has made many insulting comments about others’ looks and traits on social media.

Furthermore, he speaks negatively about women. This can be seen as a lack of respect for others’ feelings or opinions, which could lead children to disrespect others as well.

Pro: He’s a natural leader, who can tap into fear and motivate large groups of people.

He’s used this to great effect in his career. He has used the power of social media to garner many followers for himself, and he’s been able to use those followers to his advantage, whether it’s by using them to promote Trump-branded products or by using them to personally attack political enemies.

For a business owner, Donald Trump is a natural-born leader. He’s been able to tap into people’s fears and motivate them to do something.

Trump is also known for his public reputation — his brash behavior and colorful language have created a persona that helped catapult him to the presidency.

These two elements of his personality make him great at motivating large groups of people: For example, he inspired crowds to chant “Build that wall!” during his campaign rallies, and he used fearmongering to convince ISIS supporters that they would be summarily executed if they didn’t back off.

The first adage that came to mind when I heard about Trump’s victory was: “It’s not about the man.” As much as his persona and choices offstage turned many people off, I think you can see how he’s tapped into large portions of the population — particularly those who are afraid for their future.

One thing is certain: The United States has changed. While there are many other factors at play, the outcome was probably due to fear.

Donald Trump’s rise to the presidency was driven by a strong sense of nationalism and patriotism, with some business leaders on edge. But what is the real reason behind this fear?

The reason is that the world is changing fast.

Con: His lack of political experience means he makes rookie mistakes that can result in a giant backlash.

Here are some of the disadvantages of Trump’s lack of political experience:

Unpreparedness. Trump has shown a lack of organization in his campaign thus far, which is partially attributed to his lack of political experience. If he were more experienced, he might have prepared better for the onslaught of new information and reactions that will come with the general election.

Intellect and knowledge. Trump has a limited understanding of policy issues and foreign policy issues.

Rhetoric. While some voters may appreciate Trump’s rhetoric, others will be turned off by it, especially when used on topics like immigration.

Moreover, Donald Trump is a novice politician who may make rookie mistakes, like forgetting to mention his tax returns or getting caught off guard by how sensitive certain issues are. He also doesn’t have a record of smooth leadership.

Trump doesn’t have a detailed strategy or plan: He seems to be reacting on the fly, which can create problems if he doesn’t know how things work or what to do next.

Pro: He Wants To Make America Great Again.

trump vs biden

Donald Trump has promised to make America great again, which is something that can appeal to numerous people. Many voters are unhappy with the way things are going in our country, and they see a vote for Donald Trump as a way to change that.

Many politicians have attempted to get things done unsuccessfully, but many of Donald Trump’s supporters think that he’ll be able to get more done than others have in the past. He has business and experience working with government officials, so it’s possible that he may be able to get more done than others.

Despite the negative press, Trump has remained at or near the top of the polls among Republican primary voters. His supporters have said that his business acumen and leadership qualities are what this country needs most.

His motto is “Make America Great Again” and that’s what he’s trying to do. He truly believes in America and only wants the best for this country.

Pros and Cons of Joe Biden

A fantastic president isn’t showed by excellent responses to rapid-fire queries on the debate stage.

Biden is somebody who adheres well, considers issues, devotes great advisors, picks, solves problems, takes responsibility, stays calm under stress, is honest and ethical and functions well with many individuals.

Biden Pros

Strong record on voting rights and gun control.

Has the ability to reach across the aisle in Congress.

Has strong ties to the African American community.

May help to heal racial divisions.

Has been a strong advocate for middle-class Americans.

Has been an outspoken critic of President Trump’s foreign policy.

Strong record on women’s issues.

Proposes several progressive policies that would reduce inequality.

Biden is an individual whose government experience in Washington and globally is extensive and has helped him develop unique relationships. Mayors and civic leaders understand and trust him in towns throughout the nation, congressional lawmakers, and our allies globally.

Mr. Biden understands a good deal: he’s seen a great deal; he knows many men and women. It’s part of why he might be so precious as a president who might draw in many competent individuals back to the authorities to rebuild our nation after the tremendous harm Trump has completed.

Relationship building is just one of the biggest strengths of Mr. Biden. If he speaks to individuals one-on-one, he listens to them and can be right there with every individual.

Caring about others is part of the reason he’s unusually good at communication building. He’ll cross the road to ask somebody who’s begging for cash about their narrative, and he’ll attempt to assist them.

pros and cons of biden

Many know Joe Biden has suffered losses in his life. An automobile accident took his first wife and daughter. Joe Biden comprehends the demand for affordable healthcare for all Americans, and he’s deeply committed to assisting Americans to get that healthcare.

He’s never been rich monetarily or desired that. Instead, he sees that the richness in life stemming from the people he cares about and the assignment of assisting the entire world to be better.

Settling for Mr. Biden signifies a more diverse Supreme Court. Mr. Trump has nominated two conservative Supreme Court justices. In the subsequent four decades, another estimate is likely to resign, spurring another nomination.

As stated by the New York Times, Mr. Biden has formed working groups to handle many of the significant problems facing this nation and the world, such as:

  • healthcare,
  • immigration,
  • criminal justice reform,
  • education,
  • climate shift,
  • and also the market.

Within a week until he was inaugurated, President Joe Biden declared his $1.9 billion American infantry Strategy to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, construct a bridge towards economic recovery, and put money into racial justice.

Biden explained the plan for a package of emergency measures to satisfy the country’s immediate economic and healthcare needs.

Contained in the colossal bundle is a gain in the national minimum wage to $15/hour, which increases concerns to people in the agriculture and food industry.

The minimum-wage increase part of Biden’s American Infantry Plan proposal could be performed under a particular budget instrument, which requires just a simple majority vote. Biden has signaled he would love to pass this strategy without using these exceptional budgetary tools.

Comprehensive immigration reform is another crucial policy that the new government seeks to unveil, but a successful guest-worker program might be the lynchpin.

On his first day in office, Biden delivered an immigration proposal to Congress, the U.S. Citizenship Act of 2021, which builds an earned citizenship route for 11 million undocumented immigrants.

Immigrant farmworkers, dreamers, and people with Temporary Protected Status are about an expedited route to citizenship and instantly receive green cards. After three decades, all green card holders that pass further background checks and reveal English and U.S. civic understanding can become taxpayers.

America’s a great country, but not everybody wishes to stay. They would like to work here. They prefer not to leave their houses and families. Likewise, they are eager to provide their labor, but they would like to go home after completing it. A guest-worker app that works for the employee and the company – is the trick to this boundless immigration stalemate.

Biden has pledged to return to the Iran deal, the nuclear agreement forged when he served as vice president to Barack Obama.

Contrary to Donald Trump, Biden can also be knowledgeable about the Middle East. He’s traveled widely throughout the area.

Biden Cons

He is 79 years old, and many think his age might be a problem for him.

Biden has been in politics for over four decades, which is not a positive for some voters.

Biden is considered to be an average speaker, comparing with Trump.

He had a plagiarism scandal in 1988 when he was running for president.

He is under federal investigation for his business dealings in Ukraine.

He has been accused of sexual assault by a former staffer.

He has flip-flopped on issues, including gun control and abortion.

He has struggled with support from younger voters.

He has been criticized for being too soft on segregationists and other racists.

His campaign struggles to grasp basic technology.

Some individuals running for president are more info and plausible (Bloomberg), more express (Mayor Pete), and much more inspirational and controlling (Sanders), more lively and excited (Warren).

Joe may not provide Obama-style inspirational talks. Then again, he may surprise us. Since entering the race, his first address to Trump and other white supremacists has brought tears to many eyes. Figure out about it. Does a president have to be charismatic to perform a superb job as president?

We might need to hear about how he touched someone else’s head inappropriately and gave individuals hugs. However, following three decades of Trump, I believe we can all use a hug.

Joe Biden is old, but so are Trump, Bernie, and Bloomberg. Biden may appear more mature, though.

Mr. Biden has opposed bussing since the 1970s. He composed the 1994 Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act that harmed individuals of color and contributed to the mass incarceration nation we currently live in.

He’s insulted mixed-race Americans along with his stereotyping remarks in 2008 about Indian-Americans: “you cannot visit some 7-Eleven or some Dunkin’ Donuts unless you’ve got a little Indian accent.”

Final Thoughts

The past election cycle has been frustrating.

The vote for president in 2020 was a choice between the lesser of two evils: Joe Biden and his past or Donald Trump and his current. Over the previous four decades, President Trump, a Republican, has attempted to obstruct justice.

He’s called white supremacists “handsome men and women”, pulling our nation away from crucial associations and arrangements, such as the World Health Organization and the Paris Climate Deal. He also constantly spewed humorous words about immigrants, women, and countless other people.

It has been an uncomfortable option. However, Joe Biden was the perfect one. He would have helped steer us away from Trump’s America.

Mr. Biden will have a great deal of work to perform, for example, cleaning up Mr. Trump’s jumble and moving our nation forward fast. He will have to make policies that shield oppressed communities, and he will have to follow people of color.

Mr. Biden should realize that an election based on being “anti-Trump” is bothersome, truly innovative Americans who have again summarized precisely what the nation needs to achieve a prosperous future. That frequently means dismantling systems set up to fail individuals of color, and it always means moving beyond words and listening to folks when they talk.

Useful Links

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Trump and Biden are two opposing figureheads that stand as testaments to the state of American politics today.

Both of them have their flaws—to say the least—but both could have potential to do some good for America. It all comes down to what each respective candidate can do—and will do—with the power of the presidency.

Donald Trump is a unique figure, with unique policies.

But Joe Biden has been in the political game for decades. Yet, there’s little doubt that he offers a more moderate approach to many issues, including foreign policy, gun control, and climate change.

Biden and Trump are both known for their entirely specific personalities and campaigns. But more importantly, they represent two very different ideologies—and both sides of the political spectrum have picked sides.

There is no doubt that Trump is an unpredictable and eccentric character, but Biden has hidden issues. He should be more trustworthy than Trump, but his past makes him unpalatable to many Americans, as well as serving a divisive element to his politics.

Biden seems more polished and controlled than Trump, which will make him seem more presidential to the public, but Trump may well be underestimated by the Democrats.

In the end, the choice is still yours to make.

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