pros and cons

Our goal is to stimulate critical thinking and understanding by showing the pros and cons of different sides of complicated questions in an unbiased way.

  • We provide easy-to-understand pros and cons of controversial subjects.
  • We collect and organize information about controversial issues and make the information available to our readers.
  • Furthermore, we want to provide you with the information you need to become an informed decision-maker.

We use the “pros and cons” format because it achieves four goals:

First, our format draws in the audience. By placing an opposing argument next to its strongest rival, we make it easier to see.

Second, we provoke good thinking by placing two sides of a problem next to one another.

The pros and cons format helps generate what we call “good chaos.” Readers who have preexisting views on a topic may feel more assured in their opinion, or else they might decide to alter their perspective.

In any instance, many readers realize that gaining and critically assessing data has a favorable and satisfying influence on their decision-making.

Third, this approach encourages readers to consider the opinions of others and helps people debate and analyze different perspectives—which makes them more comfortable talking about their views with others.

Fourth, asking people to consider someone else’s perspective makes them less likely to resort to demonizing the other person.

If you present people with a list of clear and concise “talking points” that correlate to your opponents’ opinion, they will not only feel better equipped to debate those views with others, but also more comfortable doing so.

It improves communication between people with different opinions.

Many people who visit are interested in political issues and enjoy learning about both sides of an issue. We work hard to create a fair, balanced, and free of bias site so that you can get all the facts about issues you care about.

Many people consider our graphic design decisions to suggest bias. For example, the typography and font sizes can create the impression of one-sidedness. Our graphic designs are meant to eliminate one-sidedness and bias, even if they are not always perceived that way.

In fact, we work hard to eliminate bias in our content.

Our name,, is intended to eliminate any perception of bias.

If you think our opinions are biased, kindly let us know, and we will immediately assess the situation.